“Saving one dog or cat will
not change the world,
but, surely,
for that one dog or cat,
the world will change forever.”

Welcome from the Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals.

The Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization located in north central Arkansas. We provide help to lost, abused, unwanted and abandoned animals.  Working with the City of Horseshoe Bend, we provide spay/neuter for the adoptable animals in the animal control facility.  Our current goal is to provide spay/neuter assistance to the community and to help pet owners keep their animals by donating pet food and supplies to the local community food bank for distribution.

Official DDAF Grantee

We want to help you…


Keep your pet healthy.

If you live in the city of Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas, Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals will contribute funds toward the spay/neuter of your cat or dog with a limit of 3 animals per household.

Find the best home for your animals.

If you have a dog or cat that needs to be re-homed, Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals can help publicize this on our Facebook page and also in the Pacesetting Times, the local newspaper.  We have many contacts with rescue groups that may be able to help place your pet.  Photographs, the pet’s history (vaccinations current?  spayed/neutered?) and temperament are helpful in finding new homes.  Please call 870-373-2649 or e-mail us.

Provide Assistance for Lost / Found Pets.

We can help by posting the information on our Facebook page.  We also have access to the Facebook page of Lost and Found Pets of Sharp, Fulton, Izard and Surrounding Counties.  Contact us by phone 870-373-2649  or e-mail us with the pet’s information so we can help.

But We Need Your Help, too…

Here’s how you can give back:


Collect Cans.

Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals also collects aluminum cans (beverage or pet food cans) to redeem for funds.  There are 3 collection sites in Horseshoe Bend:  Animal Control, Scenic Realty or behind City Hall.  If you have a large amount of cans, we can come to you….call 870-373-2649.

Make a donation

By making a donation, you can help end animal suffering and help us do our part in reducing the number of unwanted dogs and cats.  With this money we will make sure it is used directly on the animals we help.


Save Labels.

Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals collects Best Choice UPC labels to redeem for funds.  Please collect them for us and give them to any member of Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals or mail them to Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals at P.O. Box 31, Franklin AR 72536.

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Stop by & Say Hello …

Give Us a Call.


Meet with Us.

“Friends of HB Animals”” meet the third Monday of the month at 2:00 pm at the HB Library.

We welcome new members at our next meeting.  Please follow us on Facebook to find upcoming meetings.


“Friends of HB Animals” are always looking for new members, and we can always use help! There are many ways to volunteer: helping with fund-raising activities, answering phones, volunteering, or being a foster home for an animal.