Support the Animals


UPC Labels

Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals collects Best Choice UPC labels to redeem for funds.  Please collect them for us and give them to any member of Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals or mail them to Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals at P.O. Box 31, Franklin AR 72536.


Aluminum Cans

Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals also collects aluminum cans (beverage or pet food cans) to redeem for funds.  There are 3 collection sites in Horseshoe Bend:  Animal Control, Scenic Realty or behind City Hall.  If you have a large amount of cans, we can come to you….call 870-373-2649.

100_2078Make a donation. 

By making a donation, you can help end animal suffering and help us do our part in reducing the number of unwanted dogs and cats.  With this money we will make sure it is used directly on the animals we help.  We provide vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries and veterinary services for the animals that end up in Horseshoe Bend animal control.  At times pet owners do not have sufficient funds to alter their pets.  That’s where we can offer financial assistance in the form of spay/neuter discount vouchers for the participating veterinarians.
With the funds to assist we can alleviate animal suffering and help them live healthy, happy lives.

To make a donation, send it directly to:

Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals,

P.O. Box 31,

Franklin, AR 72536

Or – Simply Donate Online. 

 All of Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals income is through donations and fundraising events.  By making a gift you are helping us care for the animals in our community.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donation is fully tax-deductible.
Support the Animals by contributing to the Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals!